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Hall York Design is a full-service design and lifestyle company that encompasses all facets of custom interior and garden design. Our goal is to help elevate your personal style and create a warm and inviting home that’s as unique as you are. After selecting pieces of your existing furnishings, family heirlooms, and artwork, we will then select new items that will convey a curated home that is timeless and tells your story.  No two Hall York Design homes will ever look the same.

From historical preservation to flip houses and new construction, our approach is always one of function, artful aesthetics and considerations of budget. We try to treat each project as its own living and breathing piece of art.

We have lived our adult lives as stewards and restorers of historical properties, as that has always been a passion for both of us. From that passion has grown a massive amount of experience, reference and design that has given us a keen eye for historical preservation. Ron purchased his first house project at 21 and Robert at 24. We have since completed multiple projects together, for ourselves as well as our clients.

Not only have we both always had a love for all things old house and preservation, we have an equal appreciation for more modern architecture and design styles as well. As Ron likes to say, “it’s always all about the context.”

Also, don’t forget to find us and meet Fig on Instagram @HallYorkDesign 😘

Ron and Robert Hall
Ron Hall
Robert York