Throwback Thursdays – 20’s Dinner Party

by May 25, 2017Entertaining and Events

Once or twice a year we get together with a group of friends for a themed dinner. Here are a few photos from our 20’s dinner party a few years ago. What a fun night!

Cocktails and appetizers on the veranda started off the evening. Our signature cocktail for the party was “the bee’s knees!
Another fun appetizer, vodka infused blackberries and raspberries in gelatin! It was beautiful, delicious, and lethal!!!! Interesting fact…in the 1920’s Jello gelatin was a luxury item, a status symbol because if you had a refrigerator you were wealthy!
A modern, lighter version of Waldorf Salad, made with yogurt instead of mayonnaise
20’s Dinner Party table for 10 set with a mix of china and crystal and flowers from the garden.